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Flanges Must Be Checked Regularly

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Stainless steel flange itself is to link two pipes or some pipes effectively, fix them on a flange plate first, and then, with the relevant cushion, bolt tightly together, so that the effective connection can be completed, there are some stainless steel flanges, usually it is. They are a kind of disc-shaped parts, so the number of times used in the whole pipeline project is the largest, so the flanges are basically used in pairs in the process of use, from the current situation, in the whole project, stainless steel flanges are mainly used to connect pipelines, in need. When connecting, a flange should be installed in all places. Weldable flange should also be used for pressure of more than four kilograms.

However, flanges can not be stored for a long time, they must be checked regularly, and for exposed areas, the surface must be cleaned, the dirt inside must be removed, neatly stored in indoor ventilated and dry places, strictly forbidden to stack in some open places, some different balls of carbon steel flanges. Valve, in the process of use, as long as it is fully open or closed, whether it is to do some adjusting flow, or do some other use, can effectively avoid the cover and be enriched, it can effectively accelerate wear and tear, and its material is very convenient, manufacturing is also very simple, cost Relatively low, the use is also very extensive.

However, the rigidity of flanges is relatively poor. Therefore, flanges should not be used in a series of flammable or explosive requirements, or in these highly hazardous situations.

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