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How to Calculate the Weight of Stainless Steel Flange?

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Usually domestic, we use stainless steel flange, it is the common lathe to produce the flange, there will be some positive and negative error. Therefore, people are called theoretical weight, at present, the domestic general use of theoretical weight as the flange standard. In addition, we can also use the Department of Chemical Industry flange standards, from which we can query to standard stainless steel flange quality.

The calculation of the weight of stainless steel flange and its formula are as follows:

1. General Flange Weight Calculation:

(OD * Outside diameter-Inner diameter * diameter-bolt aperture * bolt aperture * bolt hole number) * Thickness * 0.623 * 0.0001 = Stainless steel Flange theoretical weight.

2. Plate flange weight Calculation formula is as follows:

(OD * od-Inner diameter * Bore diameter * aperture * hole number) * Thickness * 0.616 * 0.00001

Description: 7.93 is the metal density of stainless steel, different grades of stainless steel have different densities, this value is more commonly used average density value, rough calculation can be used in this quantity, to calculate more accurate to query the relevant data.

3. The welding flange weight calculation formula is as follows: On the part of the welding we are called the size of the head, the big head attached to the flange, the small part is connected to be welded up.

((Big head outside diameter + small diameter)/2 squared-flange inner diameter squared) * Pi/4* size head thickness * 7.39

The last 1 parts of the +2 part of the weight is the weight of the butt weld flange you want to calculate.

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