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Factors affecting the performance of large flanges

In the production of large Stainless Steel flanges, there are many factors that affect the performance of large flanges. Here are some common factors, First, annealing temperature (the annealing temperature is the temperature parameter when the primer and template are combined. When 50% of the prime

What are the mechanical properties of dual phase steel flange

The existence of dual phase steel flange restricts the growth of grains between dual phases. Dual phase stainless steel maintains fine grains, and the total area of grain boundary of dual phase stainless steel is larger than that of single-phase steel. Therefore, dual phase stainless steel has high

What is the difference between flange and blind flange

As we all know, pipes are usually connected by some kind of pipe fitting, which we call “flange”. However, in real life, many of us don’t know about flange and blind flange, and there are often mixed situations. Therefore, the small series specially sorted out the differences between flange and blin

The difference of flange and blind flange

The characteristics of the two are different The normal name of blind flange is flange cover, and it is also called blind flange or closed pipe. This is a kind of flange without hole in the middle, which is mainly used for the front end of pipe seal. It is used for sealing port, and its function is


The FIGURE 8 BLIND FLANGE is a kind of pipe parts, mainly for convenience of maintenance. You can paint the upper part of “8” into black in the specific shape. It’s half blind, half is a ring. It is commonly used for the pipe flange which needs to change the process. The material mainly includes car

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