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My first European client–who was blamed because of my e-mail

Good day everyone. I will share some stories between me and my foreign clients in next days. Today my first story is about Leo(not his real name) who is from Europe. I was graduated from university in year of 2003, although my major was Foreign English, we actually learned only a little bit knowledg

My First South American Client –Thanks to a theft

In year of 2005, my business was much better than the first 2 years, but still unsteady. Under this pressure, I was always ready to show my enthusiasm once there were inquiries either from e-mails or international fairs.In 2005 Canton Fair, I met a Chilean client whose name is Carlos. He sent to me

My First Middle-East Client —A client decreed by fate

I had been promoted to be Department Manager when 2010 Spring Canton Fair is coming. Before I followed my leader of our team, but then I was the leader, so I had a lot of pressure because it was my first time to lead the whole team to prepare for Canton Fair.Before the Canton fair, I sent our booth

My first African client

Today the story is about my first African client, who was one of my original clients. We have been known each other since 2012. Their products scope are mainly including Carbon steel flange, Carbon steel Butt-weld fitting, as well as some stainless steel flange and threaded casting fitting. We estab

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