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What should be paid attention to when using stainless steel flange

Stainless steel flange is also called flange or flange. The flange is the part that makes the pipe and the pipe connect with each other, and is connected to the pipe end. There are holes in the flange, and the bolts make the two flanges tightly connected. The stainless steel flange connection is eas

Production technology of flange

Production processes are mainly divided into forging, casting, cutting and rolling.The cast flange has accurate blank shape and size, small processing capacity and low cost, but there are casting defects (pores, cracks and inclusions); The internal organization streamline of the casting is poor (if

How are rubber joints stored and transported

Marking, packaging, transportation and storage1) SignsThe rubber joints shall at least have the following permanent marks: manufacturer name, product name, product specification, model and working pressure.2) PackagingPackaging shall be carried out according to the agreement between the supplier and

Application scope of wedge gate valve

Wedge gate valve can bear high pressure because its sealing surface is at an angle to the vertical centerline and has good sealing. Generally, the valve stem of wedge gate valve is subject to quenching and tempering and surface nitriding treatment, which has good corrosion resistance and scratch res

Working principle of wedge gate valve

Body: Ductile iron GGG40/GGG50 Disc: Ductile iron+EPDM/NBR Stem: Stainless steel Size: DN40-DN600The opening and closing part of the wedge gate valve is the gate, and the movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the fluid direction. The wedge gate valve can only be fully opened and fully c

Structural features of wedge gate valve

Different from parallel gate valves, wedge gate valves also have wedge single gate valves. The two sealing surfaces of the most commonly used wedge gate valve form a wedge, and the wedge angle varies with the valve parameters, usually 50. The gate of wedge gate valve can be made into a whole, which

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