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Advantages of Alloy Steel Flange

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Flange is a kind of part used to connect the shaft and the shaft, and it is used to connect the pipe ends. Alloy Steel Flange is made of aluminum alloy by forging. Because the proportion of aluminum is much smaller than that of iron, and Alloy Steel Flange can reach the hardness of stainless steel flange after adding some elements, and its conductivity is much higher than that of stainless steel. Therefore, aluminum The application prospect of flange is very wide.

There are many advantages of Alloy Steel Flange, such as light weight, convenient handling, saving handling cost, and very good strength. Moreover, Alloy Steel Flange does not react to nitric acid, glacial acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals, and has very good resistance. The surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy flange can generate a very hard and dense oxide film, and many substances do not have corrosive effect on it Alloy Steel Flange is non-magnetic and non-magnetic. Because Alloy Steel Flange has no toxicity, it is widely used in medical machinery, food processing and other industries. Under low temperature, its strength increases and there is no brittleness. Therefore, it is an ideal low-temperature device material. Based on the different equipment and processing technology of different manufacturers, the quality of Alloy Steel Flange in the market is also uneven Different, different Alloy Steel Flange quality acceptance standards are also different, so when choosing Alloy Steel Flange, we must choose a large-scale manufacturer with strength. Langfang Dingyang Flange&Pipe Fitting Co.,Ltd is a joint venture specialized in flange manufacturing, with advanced production equipment and quality testing instruments, and the Alloy Steel Flange has been recognized by the majority of customers.

Now, Alloy Steel Flange is used in high-voltage switch, automobile production, tram, ship, railway vehicle and other fields. In the future production and life, the application of aluminum flange will be more and more extensive.

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