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Air Valve- Ber


Principles of Operation

Pipeline Filling:
During the filling process of a pipeline, high airflow is forced out through the kinetic orifice of the air valve.
Once water enters the valve’s chamber, the float buoyed upwards causes the kinetic orifice to close. The unique
The aerodynamic structure of the valve body and float ensures that the float cannot be closed before the water reaches the valve.
Pressurized Operation:
During pressurized operation of the pipeline, air accumulates in the upper part of the air valve chamber,
causing the float to gravitate downwards. The automatic orifice opens and the accumulated air is released.
Once the air is discharged, the water level and float rise, causing the automatic orifice to close.
Pipeline Draining:
When a pipeline is drained, a negative differential pressure is created causing atmospheric air to push the float downwards. The kinetic orifice stays open and air enters the valve chamber, preventing vacuum formation in the pipe.
Surge Protection (anti-slam):
The anti-slam device is fitted to the air valve outlet. In the event of a pressure surge, it partially closes the valve’s outlet. The approaching water column decelerates due to the resistance of the rising air pressure in the valve. This is typically used on pump stations and at specific pipeline locations to minimize pressure surges during pipe filling or power failure conditions at the pump station.
Inflow Prevention:
The inflow prevention is a Normally Closed check device fitted on the valve’s outlet and prevents the flow of atmospheric air into the valve. Typically used to prime pump suction lines or on pipelines requiring only air discharge and no air re-entry such as siphons



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Air valve- Ber