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Basic knowledge of alloy elbow

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Alloy elbow is a kind of connection in pipeline equipment, which is used for connection at the bend of pipeline. Connect two pipes with the same nominal diameter to make a 90-degree turn. Alloy elbows are made of various materials, such as carbon steel, manganese steel, nickel steel, etc. The alloy elbows are widely used.

Alloy elbow has corrosion resistance and heat resistance, so it is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical industry and other industries, as the transportation of sand, stone, coal powder, ash, aluminum liquid and other abrasive granular materials and corrosive medium, is an ideal transmission pipeline.

Alloy elbows are made of cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, carbon steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics. The alloy elbow connecting pipe piece includes an arc-shaped elbow, which is characterized in that there is a split-flow through which is integrally connected on the arc-shaped elbow.

According to the production process, alloy elbows can be divided into: welded alloy elbows, stamped alloy elbows, cast alloy elbows, etc. According to the way of connecting with the pipe, it can be divided into: direct welding flange connection, threaded connection and socket connection.

Alloy elbow

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