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Carbon Steel Flanges As A Connecting Piece

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All parts of the two planes that are connected at the same time as the bolt are enclosed in the surrounding area, often referred to as "flange", such as the connection of a ventilating pipe, this type of part can be called a flange part. High-temperature oxidation coloring method: In the specific molten salt, the immersed workpiece to maintain in a certain process parameters, so that the workpiece to form a certain thickness of oxide film, and presents a variety of different color.

The application of rare earth carburizing technology to the spiral bevel gears of the truck has achieved excellent effect. The effect of thickening, resultant force 1 and 2 make the cross-section of the intermediate frequency bend change. Hot-Push forming: hot-push elbow forming process is the use of special elbow push machine, core mold and heating device, so that the billet on the die in the push machine pushing forward movement, in the movement by heating, expanding and bending forming process.

As a connecting piece, the carbon steel flange is mainly a device connected by the flange of carbon steel and the flanges of the end, it is connected to a certain degree, it is only a kind of device connecting the flange of the carbon steel and the end. Three diameter equal diameter tee, the two ends diameter is the same, but the confluence end diameter is different from other two diameter tee. The installation of the socket-type extension to shorten the pipe connector, must be fixed by using the anchor pipe card to prevent the expansion of the expansion of the position of intubation in the movement.

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