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Classification of Carbon Steel Elbow

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Carbon steel elbow in accordance with the production process can be divided into: welding elbow, stamping elbow, casting elbow and so on. Valve testing machine Most gaskets are from non-metallic plate, or by the professional factory in accordance with the size of the production, its materials for asbestos rubber plate, asbestos Board, polyethylene board, and so on; there is also a wound-type gasket made of a thin steel strip and a asbestos band. Of course, in the case of customers without special requirements are generally painted black anti-rust paint, which of course is the most commonly used carbon steel elbow $number material, but for the alloy material must be other colors of paint to differentiate.

Elbow pipe more than two processes: one is flaw detection, one is heat treatment. If the welding parts can not be heat treatment, then chromium-nickel stainless steel stamping elbow should be selected. Finally, it is transported to the construction site and a number of Arc section groups are welded into complete flanges and welded with the pressure vessel group. When the miter angle of the miter elbow is greater than 450, it is not suitable for the highly toxic, flammable medium pipeline, or the mechanical vibration, pressure pulsation and the alternating load caused by the temperature change. The tee has equal diameter and different diameter, and the end of the equal diameter tee is the same size; the head of the reducer is the same size, and the tube’s nozzle size is smaller than the charge size. In the first elbow groove by the QC staff on-site assistance measurement adjustment, so that the overall size of the elbow to meet the standard requirements, and then use the Groove Machine Guide limit switch fixed size, you can do batch processing. High neck flange can be controlled by the size of the flange neck height, so that the welding stress caused by the welding work of the flanges and the steel pipe is reduced.

Welding flange manufacturers in the actual production and development of different methods and processes used in production and production, according to the process mode and principle, it has important value and function to different aspects, adding certain elements in actual production to increase the characteristics and value of the carbon steel flange manufacturers, and to show good use characteristics and value. Usually, there are two methods used most, one is the flange clamp, the other is the local injection sealant, but in practice, the two methods are often complementary.

One of the obvious differences is the welded pipe. Mold temperature should be preheated to 200-300 degrees, but too high mold temperature will reduce die life, continuous forging production, mold temperature should be able to automatically control. will be able to leave the factory. To carry out the cost control of the elbow factory, we must improve the standard, quota, metering, statistics, rules and regulations, such as a series of elbow factory management basic work, so that the consumption of various types of resources of enterprises have measures, records, rules and regulations, such as a set of information transfer procedures.

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