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Flange type

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Flange connection is an important way of pipeline construction.

Flange types are divided into threaded flange, welded flange and loose flange according to the fixation mode of flange and pipeline; according to the sealing surface, they can be divided into smooth type, concave convex type, mortise groove type, lens type and trapezoid groove type.

Generally, the low-pressure small diameter is connected with screw flange, and the high-pressure and low-pressure large diameter are connected with welding flange. The thickness of flange plates under different pressures and the diameter and quantity of connecting bolts are different.

According to different levels of pressure, flange gasket also has different materials, from low-pressure asbestos gasket, high-pressure asbestos gasket and PTFE gasket to metal gasket.

Flange connection is easy to use and can bear large pressure.

In the industrial pipeline, flange connection is widely used, for example, in the indoor fire hydrant water supply system, butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve and other valves are connected with the pipeline.

The main features of flange connection are convenient disassembly, high strength and good sealing performance. When installing the flange, the two flanges shall be kept parallel, the sealing surface of the flange shall not be damaged, and shall be cleaned. Flange gasket shall be selected according to design regulations

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