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Heat treatment process of flanges

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Although flanges can be well connected to pipe ends to prevent leakage, in actual use, flanges of different materials should be selected according to different conveying media. Common flanges include stainless steel flanges, carbon steel flanges, and alloys Steel flanges, of which stainless steel flanges have the best performance.

Flange heat treatment process:

When the metal is heated, insulated and cooled, the performance of the metal will change to a certain extent. After heating, the performance of the same flanged pipe will also be different. For example, stainless steel flanges have excellent performance, so stainless steel flanges can be hot and cold worked. The heating process of stainless steel flange pipes is one of the important parameters of the heat treatment process.

In the heat treatment of flanged pipes, the cooling rate of annealing is usually the slowest, the cooling rate of normalizing is faster, and the cooling rate of quenching is faster. However, different steel grades have different requirements, so the flanges should be processed according to different materials.

In the processing of flanges, temperature is one of the production factors that need to be strictly controlled. When heating flanged pipes, it is necessary to strictly control the production temperature to ensure the quality of the flanges. Of course, the heating needs to be determined according to the state of the flanges, so it must be Take full and detailed control. The performance of the flange varies depending on the cooling method and process. The cooling rate is mainly controlled. If the cooling rate is too fast, it will have a certain impact on the flange structure and cause the flange itself to become brittle.

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