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How to deal with the problem of stainless steel flange processing?

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Problems in processing stainless steel flange

Understand the processing requirements of stainless steel flange and pay attention to some problems:

1. Weld defect: the weld defect of stainless steel flange is severe. If manual and mechanical grinding is used to compensate, the grinding trace will be uneven, which will affect the beauty;

2. Uneven grinding, polishing and passivation: pickling and passivation are carried out after manual grinding and polishing. For workpieces with large area, it is difficult to achieve the effect of uniform treatment together, and the desired uniform appearance cannot be obtained. There are also its defects, such as the cost of working hours and the cost of auxiliary materials;

3. Scratches are hard to remove: overall pickling and passivation will cause chemical corrosion or electrochemical corrosion and rust in the presence of corrosive medium, and carbon steel, splashes and other impurities adhering to the surface of stainless steel due to scratches and welding spatter cannot be removed;

So how to deal with the problem of stainless steel flange processing?

1. Select the blanking, after completion, enter the next process, different stainless steel workpieces enter the corresponding process according to the processing requirements;

2. When bending, it is necessary to confirm the tool and groove used in bending according to the scale on the drawing, the thickness of stainless 304 seamless steel pipe. To prevent the deformation caused by the collision between the product and the tool is the key to the selection of the upper die (in the same product, different types of upper die may be used). The selection of the lower die is based on the thickness of the plate.

3. In order to make the welding robust, punch points shall be made on the workpiece to be welded, which can be evenly touched with the flat plate before power on welding, so as to ensure that all points are heated together, and the welding position can also be admitted together. Welding is required, and the preloading time, pressure holding time, holding time, rest time shall be adjusted to ensure that the workpiece can be spot welded robust.

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