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How to install stainless steel flange correctly

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Stainless steel flange itself is a kind of pipe parts with very good performance, which is not easy to deform when fastening. When installing stainless steel flange, the flange should be smooth and clean, pay attention to remove oil and rust. When installing stainless steel flanges, proper gaskets must be selected. Gaskets must have anti-aging and oil resistance and excellent mechanical strength. In the installation of stainless steel flange joint, to choose different sizes of gasket, so as to ensure the correct installation.

When the stainless steel flange is tightened, the tightening amount of the distribution washer is generally about one third. In addition, in practical use, in order to ensure the quality and use value of stainless steel flange. Please use stainless steel flange according to the usual method and principle, and use and install it according to the usual operation standard.

The quality and performance of stainless steel flange are very good. In general, stainless steel flange is not an economic mechanical part, but a mechanical product carrier with rich technical connotation. Widely used in many equipment processing. Stainless steel flange of hydraulic oil is the most common component in pipeline engineering. Stainless steel flanges are used in pairs. However, the connection part which is connected to the periphery of two planes by bolts at the same time is usually called “flange” such as ventilation pipe connection. Such parts can be called “flange parts”. This connection is for devices only. For example, the connection between the flange and the pump. It’s hard to call a pump a “flange part.”. Compared with small valves (such as valves), it can be called “flange parts”.

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