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Little Common Sense of Pipe Fittings

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Threaded pipe Fittings is our daily life plays a very important role, as the air is generally not our attention, but it is inseparable with us, our production and life can not be separated from it. Since it is so closely related to our life and production, it is necessary for us to learn some knowledge about it in order to enrich our common sense of life. Now, let’s get to know the basics about fitting.

  1. Meaning of pipe fittings

Threaded pipe fittings is a kind of mechanical industrial components that can connect the same type, same diameter and dispersed pipe together, which plays an important role in the industrial production by connecting, controlling, changing, diverting, sealing and supporting. It can have different classifications according to different criteria.

  1. Classification of pipe Fittings

1, by use classification:

Threaded pipe fittings are widely used in industry, so there are many uses of pipe fittings, some can be used for connection, such as flange, live connect, pipe hoop, card sets and so on. Some are used to change the direction of the tube, such as elbows and bends. Some are used to change the diameter of the pipe, such as diameter reducer, different diameter elbow, branch and so on. Some are used to increase the diameter of the branch, such as tee and quadruple. Some are used to seal the diameter of the tube, such as gasket, line hemp, pipe plugging, seal the first class. There are also used to fix fittings, such as rings, stents, pipe cards and so on.

  1. Classification by connection

Pipe fittings In the process of application in accordance with the actual situation of the different ways of connection, there are mainly the following: welding pipe fittings, threaded pipe fittings, card casing parts, socket parts, hot melt fittings and so on.

  1. Classification by manufacturing materials

Pipe fittings have different production materials, the main production materials are steel, stainless steel, plastic, rubber and synthetic materials, therefore, there are cast steel pipe parts, cast iron pipe fittings, stainless steel pipe fittings, plastic pipe parts, Rubber pipe fittings, graphite pipe fittings and other man-made materials made of pipe fittings.

Now, we have introduced a lot of basic knowledge about threaded fittings, which may be a little more complicated, but they are simple, easy to understand and memory easy to master. Hope that we can learn to master this knowledge, will come in handy.

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