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What are the mechanical properties of dual phase steel flange

The existence of dual phase steel flange restricts the growth of grains between dual phases. Dual phase stainless steel maintains fine grains, and the total area of grain boundary of dual phase stainless steel is larger than that of single-phase steel. Therefore, dual phase stainless steel has high

What should be paid attention to when installing non-standard flange?

Non standard flange refers to the parts used when connecting pipes, pipes and valves. There are holes and bolts on it to tightly connect the two flanges. Non standard flange is widely used in many industries because of its excellent performance. It is one of the mechanical parts widely used in indus

The difference of flange and blind flange

The characteristics of the two are different The normal name of blind flange is flange cover, and it is also called blind flange or closed pipe. This is a kind of flange without hole in the middle, which is mainly used for the front end of pipe seal. It is used for sealing port, and its function is

Problems of Carbon steel butt welded fitting

Medium carbon steel refers to carbon steel with carbon content of 0.25% – 0.60%, including 30, 35, 45, 50, 55 in high-quality carbon structure and zg230-450, zg270-500, ZG310-570 and zg340-640 in cast carbon steel. Because the carbon content of medium carbon steel is higher than that of low carbon s

Analysis of Avantages of Stainless Steel Flange Products

Our company produces various types of flange products, especially stainless steel products, different types of different uses of flange products have inventory, now the market has a need for stainless steel flange products, we can find here, package you convenient and quick access to products. Moreo

Stamping Technology and Die Design of Stainless Steel Flange

The stamping industry is an industry that touches an extremely wide range of areas and deepens into every aspect of manufacturing. such as stainless steel flange. Stamping in foreign countries is called sheet metal forming. Stamping is to rely on the press and die on the plate, strip, pipe and profi

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