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Main design disadvantages of dual phase steel flange

The main design disadvantage of dual phase steel flange is no leakage. This is a deficiency in that design. The connection is dynamic, stainless steel flange, and periodic loads such as thermal expansion fluctuation will cause the movement between flange faces, affect the function of flange, damage

Connection mode of international flange

International flanges are generally used for connection, so they are often connected with some pipes. But some people don't know much about its way. In fact, the national standard flange connection is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment on a flange first, and add flange pads between the two

What are the mechanical properties of duplex steel flange

The existence of dual phase steel flange restricts the growth of grains between dual phases. Dual phase stainless steel maintains fine grains, and the total area of grain boundary of dual phase stainless steel is larger than that of single-phase steel. Therefore, dual phase stainless steel has high

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