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Use of Cast Flange Pipe Fittings

The connection of cast flanged pipe fittings is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings or devices on the flanged pipe fitting plate respectively. The connection is made by tightening the two flanged fitting plates, flange gaskets and bolts together. Some fittings and devices used to have their own flanges,

Principle of Socket Pipe Fittings

The basic principle and performance characteristics of the socket pipe fittings The other is that there is no less to negotiate in the pipeline. Root, also called the root hoop, lock nut, with one end for the short wire buckle, the other end for the long thread buckle short pipe and a root mother, p

What are the factors that destroy the corrosion of stainless steel square pipe

Stainless steel materials are basically corrosion-resistant. At the same time, compared with other metal products, the corrosion resistance is better. Compared with stainless steel square tube, the corrosion resistance is needless to say. However, after long-term use, corrosion and rust can not be a

Future Development and Application of Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings Use of value and range pipe fittings the welding of dissimilar metals can save precious metal and make the product function better. For example, the work of the tool parts (high-speed steel) and tail (medium carbon) of the butt welding, internal combustion engine exhaust valve head (he

Technology Analysis and Plan of Socket Pipe Fittings

The process analysis of the socket and the determination of the process plan are based on the geometrical shape and the process characteristic of the socket. Die structure design, especially the design of the die working parts, depends on the shape of the socket.The inner wall of the socket pipe fit

Analysis of 4 Typical Flange Sealing Surfaces

Raised surface (RF): The surface is a smooth flat surface, and dense waterline can also be machined. The sealing surface has a simple structure, is convenient to process, and is convenient for anti-corrosion lining. However, this kind of sealing surface gasket has a large contact area, and the gaske

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