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Properties of Alloy Steel Flange

High-pressure alloy steel flanges are connected to the tube or cylinder, the end of the head of a circle of discs, the disk evenly distributed several bolt holes, and the material is a high-pressure alloy, is the pipe or container for detachable connection when the most commonly used important parts

What are the types of high pressure alloy steel flanges

Common things for flat welding flanges. The fixing form of the flange and the pipe is applicable to: the flange is sleeved at one end of the pipe, the inner and outer ports of the welding flange, the fixed flange, and the nominal pressure is 2 Below 5MPa. Butt welding flange, also known as high neck

What is high pressure alloy steel flange

Flanges, as the name suggests, are used in high pressure environments. Specifically, it is used for connecting flanges of piping and other equipment with pressure higher than 10MPa. There are two main types of high pressure flanges. One is a traditional high-pressure flange, and the other is a high-

The connection method and process flow of Alloy steel flange

Alloy steel flange connection methods can generally be divided into flat welding, butt welding, socket welding, loose sleeve and thread. The first four are described in detail below: 1. Flat welding: only weld the outer layer, not the inner layer; It is generally used for medium and low pressure pip

Several matters needing attention in selecting alloy steel flange manufacturers

There are many alloy steel flange manufacturers in the market, but we certainly have a lot to pay attention to when we choose. If you don't know these, let's make a detailed introduction for you. Hope to bring help to relevant people. When purchasing alloy steel flanges, people usually go to the man

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