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Flat flange is a kind of flange product with good process characteristics and performance

The developed flat flange is a kind of flange product with good process characteristics and performance. Cast steel flange can show good use value and function in use, and overcome the shortcomings of traditional butt welding flange. The compact flange has many advantages: the standard flange not on

Factors affecting the performance of large flanges

In the production of large Stainless Steel flanges, there are many factors that affect the performance of large flanges. Here are some common factors, First, annealing temperature (the annealing temperature is the temperature parameter when the primer and template are combined. When 50% of the prime

Specific classification of flanges

A. Flange types are divided according to national standards: integral flange, threaded flange, butt welding flange, flat welding flange with neck, socket welding flange with neck, butt welding ring with neck loose flange, plate flat welding flange, flat welding ring plate loose flange, flat welding

Brief introduction of high neck flange

Neck flange, also known as long neck flange and neck flange, is a disc-shaped part, which is mainly used to realize the connection between pipelines. It has been widely used in petrochemical, urban water supply and power system. In recent years, with the planning and construction of UHV transmission

Introduction of flexible sealed waterproof casing

1. When the upstream surface is corrosive medium, the gap can be sealed with sealing materials. See the atlas of waterproof casing for the method; Installation drawing of flexible waterproof casing (type A).2. flexible waterproof casing material: Bituminous hemp, polystyrene board, PVC foam board.3.


Anchor flange is a kind of engineering component. In places with low pressure, short pipes with thrust rings can be used instead, or called through wall sleeves. For the connection of fixed pipes that are required to be buried underground or not maintained for life, and when the pressure is required

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