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What should be paid attention to in daily use of carbon steel flange

First of all, we should not put the carbon steel flange in the wet place, because the carbon steel and water will rust for a long time, the surface will change, and the mechanical properties will also be changed accordingly, which brings trouble to our use, so we should try our best to avoid, and th

Existing value and advantage of carbon steel flange

Existing value of carbon steel flange:First, if a section of pipe fittings connected by carbon steel flange is damaged, it is convenient to replace the pipe fittings. In this way, it is unnecessary to replace the whole pipe system;Second, the use of carbon steel flange pipe fittings, in the repair a

Polishing Method of Carbon Steel Flange

In order to improve the corrosion resistance and decoration of large stainless steel flanges, it is necessary to polish the stainless steel surface. Now, there are three polishing and electrochemical polishing technologies, including mechanics, mechanics and chemistry. Because of the use of phosphor

Technological measures for Carbon steel butt welded fitting

Because the Carbon steel butt welded fitting is easy to produce cold crack, hot crack and other defects during welding, it is necessary to take some special process measures to weld normally.1. Welding methodAll kinds of arc welding methods can be used to weld medium carbon steel. Because medium car

Production technology of flange

Production processes are mainly divided into forging, casting, cutting and rolling.The cast flange has accurate blank shape and size, small processing capacity and low cost, but there are casting defects (pores, cracks and inclusions); The internal organization streamline of the casting is poor (if

Carbon Steel Flange Seal Is Through The Pretension Force of Bolts

The carbon steel flange seal is through the pretension force of the bolts, causes the gasket and the flange seal surface to produce the sufficient pressure, the gasket surface produces the distortion enough to fill the flange seal surface the microscopic irregularity, achieves the goal which does no

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