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What Shall We Pay Attention To When Coating Anticorrosion of Carbon Steel?

Any pipe fittings processing process is very strict, otherwise will not guarantee the quality, its process is a lot of, the process is very meticulous, such as carbon steel pipe pieces, the last process is painted, then carbon steel pipe piece of paint to pay attention to what? Let me explain to you

Dingyang wishes customers a happy Chinese New Year in 2023

The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The Spring Festival, together with the Qingming Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival, are known as the four traditional festivals in China. The Spring Festival is also known as the Chinese Lu

Happy New Year's Day 2023

New Year's Day is commonly known as "New Year" in most countries in the world. In China, New Year's Day has become a fixed holiday, which is generally organized by groups, such as New Year's Day Gala, hanging slogans to celebrate New Year's Day, or holding group activities. Most of the rural areas r

The role and advantages of carbon steel flange rubber soft connection

What are the functions and advantages of carbon steel flange rubber soft connection?1. Make maintenance easierUnder normal circumstances, carbon steel flanges are used to connect several casing parts, so it is more convenient to connect with carbon steel flanges. Not only that, it can also be easily

What should be paid attention to in daily use of carbon steel flange

First of all, we should not put the carbon steel flange in the wet place, because the carbon steel and water will rust for a long time, the surface will change, and the mechanical properties will also be changed accordingly, which brings trouble to our use, so we should try our best to avoid, and th

Existing value and advantage of carbon steel flange

Existing value of carbon steel flange:First, if a section of pipe fittings connected by carbon steel flange is damaged, it is convenient to replace the pipe fittings. In this way, it is unnecessary to replace the whole pipe system;Second, the use of carbon steel flange pipe fittings, in the repair a

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