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Plastic Angle Seat Valve


Angle Seat Valve


Suitable for high-flow applications – installed in lines where conventional ball and other irrigation valves are difficult to install and operate. 


  • Sturdy and solid design

  • Multi-turn liner motion throttling valve

  • The material used is Engineering Plastic for strength & durability

  • Easy to open and clean after the period operation when used in an underground valve box

  • Smooth movement using throttling wheel, makes the user operate the valve easily

  • No leakage within operating pressure range, when valve completely shut off

  • Easy to dismantle and assemble

  • The direction of flow mentioned

  • Can be installed in a horizontal and vertical line

  • Does not cause water hammering when operated

  • Has lesser turbulence during throttling

  • Chemical Corrosion Resistant UV protected


1. Quick, efficient, and professional response within 24 hours, 14 hours of online services.
2. 10 years of manufacturing experience in the agriculture field.
3. Technical support and solution by the chief engineer.
4. Strict quality control system & team, high reputation in the market.
5. Full range of irrigation products for choice.
6. OEM/ODM services.
7. Accept sample order before Mass Order.

Plastic Angle Seat Valve

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We have an excellent technical team
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