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Process flow of necked butt welding flange

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Each flange has its own differences, processing methods, structural structures, molding processes, uses and prices. Only by understanding their differences can you better choose a product that suits you. The necked butt welding flange usually adopts the centrifugal method. The production method of orchid is precision casting. Compared with ordinary sand casting, this type of casting has a finer structure and greatly improved quality. Neck butt welding flange is also widely used, and its process flow is as follows:

1、Put the raw steel into the intermediate frequency electric furnace for smelting, so that the molten steel temperature reaches 1600-1700℃;

2、Preheat the metal mold to 800-900℃ and keep it at a constant temperature;

3、Start the centrifuge and pour the molten steel in step 1 into the preheated mold in step 2;

4、The casting is naturally cooled to 800-900℃ and kept for 1-10 minutes;

5、Cool with water to near normal temperature, demould and take out the casting.


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