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Stainless steel flange has obvious advantages

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Stainless steel flange is one of the pipe fittings, which is a disc-shaped part made of carbon steel. Often seen in pipeline engineering, flanges are generally used in pairs. In pipeline engineering, flanges are mainly used for the connection of pipelines. In the pipelines that need to be connected, various flanges are installed. Wire flanges can be used for low-pressure pipelines, and welded flanges can be used for pressures above 4 kg. A gasket is added between the two flanges to complete the connection.

Stainless steel flanges have mechanical design strength and relatively high extensibility, and have very good stainless steel material properties. Stainless steel flanges are generally used for the connection of pipelines and valves. There are holes on the flange connecting pieces, the bolt holes are tightly connected with the two flanges, and there are gaskets between the two flanges to ensure tightness. Due to its excellent properties, stainless steel flanges are widely used in many industries.

There is an oxide film on the surface of the stainless steel flange, so it will not corrode in contact with oxygen in the atmosphere. But other metals react with oxygen in the atmosphere, such as ordinary carbon steel, the iron will continue to oxidize, and the corrosion will continue to expand, forming pores. Therefore, stainless steel flanges stand out among all metal flanges, stand out, and cannot be replaced.

Stainless Steel Flange

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