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What Are the Problems to be Solved for Welding Flanges to be Exported?

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Now, our country produces the type of flange more, commonly used types have, carbon steel, slip on, welding carbon steel, Japanese standard flange, loose sleeve, such as flange products, because of exquisite workmanship, production excellent, by the user’s favorite and trust. These types of flange in the domestic market is very popular, not only so has gone to the international market, but for the export of flange, there are still some unsatisfactory places, the following in the export of French flange to do a simple introduction:

1, for each export flange enterprises in the production and operation of the management is not enough norms. For the small and medium-sized export enterprises in the market, not only in the production and operation management and logistics has not been enough attention, and production technology is generally still in the main experience to complete the stage, did not apply to the scientific norms of the management system. And the above phenomenon has caused the cost of the product is too high, but in terms of quality can not be guaranteed, at the time of delivery will often appear unqualified acceptance of the situation, and this situation has multiple occurrences, in the international competitiveness will be vulnerable.

2, a lot of stainless steel flange manufacturers to export flange this aspect of the operation is not interested in this obsolete management concept of serious constraints on the development of flange products. Then there is the majority of flange enterprises self-import and export rights have not yet been obtained, this situation undoubtedly also limited the development of flange enterprises.

3, the Electronic Commerce tool in this aspect has not been better utilized. At present, flange buyers, can also be said to be a flange enterprise customers, are door-to-door to buy their own needs of the flange merchandise, of course, also have been acquainted with the introduction of LAN enough Ami Faran. This mode of operation has also hindered the production of flange. Today’s Society is the information Society, the network marketing has become the comparatively main business model, if uses this modern marketing method, vigorously develops the electronic commerce, is also a quicker channel for the export flange.

In recent years, whether domestic or foreign, a variety of large-scale pipeline projects abound, this situation for the production of flange, it should be said that there is a better prospect. If we can seize the international market firmly, there is no harm in public and private. So flange business operators will be based on the current status of export flange to do a good job.

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