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What is a ball valve

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The ball valve made of solid components has high durability and can function perfectly even after being idle for a long time. It has a ball made of brass, stainless steel or chrome plated brass, which is embedded in the conduit. The top of the ball is a lever, which can only shake a quarter of a turn. When the horizontal plane is parallel to the pipe, the sphere allows water to flow. When the lever is perpendicular to the pipe, the solid ball will stop the water flow. The water flow is controlled by moving the joystick from 0 to 90 degrees from the angle of the pipe connected to it.

On the other hand, you can keep the lever between 2 limits to make the water part flow through the pipe, but the pipe may be deformed due to water pressure.

The advantage of this valve is that you can open or close it easily and quickly. However, the water will hammer the side of the ball and pipe until it is fully opened to guide the water.

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