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Rubber joints are also called rubber pipe soft joints, flexible rubber joints, rubber soft joints, flexible rubber joints, high-pressure rubber joints, rubber shock absorbers, compensators, etc. According to the connection mode, it is divided into loose flange type, fixed flange type and threaded type; According to the structure, it can be divided into 5 kinds: single sphere, double sphere, reducer, curved sphere and wind pressure coil. The tubular rubber part is composed of inner and outer layer rubber, cord fabric layer and steel ring, which is vulcanized and formed, and then combined with metal flange or loose sleeve of parallel joint. This product can reduce vibration and noise, and can compensate the thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by temperature change. It is widely used in various pipeline systems.


Size: DN32 to DN1000
Class: PN10, PN16. PN25, 125LB, 150LB
Type: NBR/EPDM Body, Single sphere or double sphere, carbon steel galvanized flange, flanged end and threaded end, flange: Carbon steel

Material of different parts:

1.Body: WCB/ zinc carbon steel

2.Seat: EPDM /NBR

3. Reinforcement: Nylon cord

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