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What is the production and processing mode of stamping elbow?

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The forging of carbon steel elbow is the production and processing method of applying forging equipment to pressure the blank of metal material to cause plastic deformation, so as to obtain steel castings with physical properties, appearance and specifications.

Forging is a common forming method in mechanical equipment manufacturing. The physical properties of steel castings are generally better than those of castings with the same raw materials. For the key parts of mechanical equipment with high load and unfavorable working standards, steel castings are mostly selected, except for the simple cold-rolled plates, aluminum profiles or weldments.

Forging can be divided into cold forging and hot forging according to the temperature of embryo during production and processing. Cold forging is generally produced and processed at indoor temperature, and hot forging is produced and processed at a work hardening temperature higher than that of blank metal materials. Sometimes it is also called warm forging when it is heated but the temperature does not exceed the work hardening temperature. However, such zoning is not completely unified in production and manufacturing.

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