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Why the hardness of stainless steel flange is so low

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Materials with low hardness and good toughness such as low carbon steel and aluminum alloy for stainless steel flange are characterized by low hardness and good toughness, difficult chip breaking during cutting, easy to generate chip accretion, which affects the processing surface quality. Therefore, the processing of stainless steel flange data often uses large front angle, high-speed cutting or large front angle, low-speed, plus cutting fluid cutting. The chip breaking groove can be grinded on the cutter and the grinding quality of cutting edge and cutter face can be improved. In addition, for low-carbon steel, stop normalizing to refine grains; for aluminum alloy, use cold deformation method to improve the hardness of data and improve the machinability of such data.

The data of high hardness and poor toughness of stainless steel flange, such as high carbon steel, carbon tool steel and cast iron, are characterized by high hardness and poor toughness, high cutting force, high power consumption and easy wear of cutting tools. Therefore, YG, YT and YW cemented carbide blades with high wear resistance are often used for machining such materials, with small front angle and main deflection angle and low cutting speed. In addition, the high temperature annealing treatment can be stopped for gray cast iron with “white” cast iron, and annealing treatment can be used for hard malleable cast iron, high carbon steel and carbon tool steel to reduce hardness and improve machinability.

There are many kinds and specifications of stainless steel flange. In order to distinguish, use and manage easily, it is necessary to classify the machine tools. Stainless steel flange is mainly classified according to the processing property and the tool used. At present, China divides machine tools into 12 categories: lathe, drilling machine, boring machine, grinder, gear processing machine, thread processing machine, milling machine, cutting and inserting machine, broaching machine, ultrasonic machining machine, cutting machine and other machine tools. In addition to the above basic classification, there are other classifications.

According to the level of generality, the machine tool can be divided into: (1) the universal stainless steel flange can process different processes of various parts, with a wide range of processing. For example, horizontal lathe, horizontal milling and boring machine, universal lifting table milling machine, etc., all belong to general machine tools. Because of its good generality, general machine tools are often more complex in construction. General machine tools are mainly suitable for single piece and small batch consumption.

(2) Special machine tool this kind of machine tool is specially used to process a certain (or several) specific processes of one or several kinds of parts of different sizes. For example, fine lead screw lathe, camshaft lathe, crankshaft and connecting rod journal lathe are all special machine tools.

(3) Special purpose machine tools are used to process a certain (or several) parts of a specific process. For example, the special boring machine for manufacturing the main axle box of the machine tool, the special gantry grinder for manufacturing the guide rail of the lathe bed, etc. are all special machine tools. Special machine tools are specially designed and manufactured according to specific process requirements. Its consumption rate is relatively high, and its automation level is often relatively high. Modular machine tool is also a special machine tool in essence.

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