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How to choose carbon steel flange manufacturers?

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Carbon steel flanges are flanges made of carbon steel. According to the material, they can be divided into forgings A105, or Q235B, Q345B, 20# steel, etc. Butt welding flanges, etc., these can be collectively referred to as carbon steel flanges, and there are many production standards.

Carbon steel flanges must be manufactured according to production standards. In order to increase profits, some manufacturers will reduce the thickness and outer diameter of the flange during production, so that the waste from the lathe can be realized; there is also the use of unqualified raw materials For production, some raw materials may have been used, and the mechanical properties and chemical composition of the produced flanges do not meet the standards.

So, as a buyer, how should you choose a carbon steel flange manufacturer?

1. Look at qualifications and equipment: a regular carbon steel flange manufacturer must have complete enterprise qualifications and complete production equipment
2. The purchaser should also clearly know what kind of production process the carbon steel flanges produced meet their own needs. Sort by price: forged flanges are greater than mid-plate flanges and cast flanges, sorted by quality: forging method The quality of the orchid is the first, the quality of the medium plate is better than that of the rolling, and the casting is the bottom. This is called what you get for your money.
3. Buyers should choose according to the use environment. If they do not understand, they can ask the carbon steel flange manufacturer to recommend products that meet the use environment and are cost-effective.

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