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Classification of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Classification of stainless steel threaded pipe fittingsSocket welded stainless steel pipe fittingsThe socket welded stainless steel pipe is the most reliable connection mode of all connection modes by inserting the stainless steel pipe into the socket part and making argon arc welding along the edg

What are the factors that destroy the corrosion of stainless steel square pipe

Stainless steel materials are basically corrosion-resistant. At the same time, compared with other metal products, the corrosion resistance is better. Compared with stainless steel square tube, the corrosion resistance is needless to say. However, after long-term use, corrosion and rust can not be a

Future Development and Application of Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings Use of value and range pipe fittings the welding of dissimilar metals can save precious metal and make the product function better. For example, the work of the tool parts (high-speed steel) and tail (medium carbon) of the butt welding, internal combustion engine exhaust valve head (he

Langfang Dingyang Flange & Pipe Fitting Co.,Ltd wishes you a happy May Day!

When you see "May Day"What's the first thing you think of?To be on holiday? Travel?Compared with the Mid Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other festivalsLike May Day is just a holiday?At least we will think of the Mid Autumn Festival and Spring FestivalReunion, festivity, firecrackers, fireworks

Experience Identification Technology of Pipe Fittings

Experience identification technology of pipe fittingsCentripetal ball fitting the normal centripetal ball fitting, the inner and outer ring raceway shall be without spalling and serious grinding marks, and a bright arc groove shall be maintained; All balls should be rounded, without spots, cracks an

LFDY Flange & Pipe Fitting Co.,Ltd wishes you a happy International Women’s Day

The full name of International Women’s Day (IWD) is United Nations women’s rights and international peace day. In China, IWD is also known as international working women’s day, March 8 and March 8 women’s day. It is a festival set up on March 8 every year to celebrate Women’s important contributions

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