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Analysis of Avantages of Stainless Steel Flange Products

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Our company produces various types of flange products, especially stainless steel products, different types of different uses of flange products have inventory, now the market has a need for stainless steel flange products, we can find here, package you convenient and quick access to products. Moreover, our company gives the guarantee of quality, so all the products sold out are strictly quality inspection.

First, suitable for any form of welding

For stainless steel products, the basic choice for the final connection is welding. The connection between the two flanges is required to align the port, which is also called the form of a counterpart weld. This kind of stainless steel flange welding method is very direct, because as long as the two pieces of flange on the position can be, so after welding the overall structure of the pipeline is also relatively good, the appearance of simple and generous.

Second, can withstand the high strength operation

Because the stainless steel material itself is very special, so in the stainless steel product welding When you need to pay attention to a lot of factors. Some pipe construction environment is very bad, in this environment, the intensity of the pressure is very large, and stainless steel itself is very large, so in the welding time can withstand all kinds of toss. Under extremely high strength, the stainless steel flange does not change color at all, and it remains intact under the constant squeeze of high strength.

Third, can withstand the high-pressure repeated squeeze

Different from other materials, stainless steel is a kind of material that can withstand high pressure, welding needs to be continuously twisted operation, in the repeated bending of the operation of stainless steel flange products, can still not occur deformation. Only through the suffering of high pressure, you can finally weld the entire pipeline, has a very good sealing properties. Under normal circumstances, between 0.25 to 2.5 MPa pressure, are suitable for stainless steel products welding pressure range.

Whether in the harsh environment of high temperature or high pressure, stainless steel material is always the same as the original, high temperature and high pressure will not have the slightest effect on stainless steel flange, which is one of the reasons why this kind of stainless steel products are so popular. In addition, stainless steel can be used in corrosive gas or liquid piping environment.

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