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Anti corrosion method of pipeline flange

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I. paint maintenance solutions

Maintenance paint is a hard film that can be directly bonded to the substrate, generally epoxy or polyurethane coatings. There are many edges and edges in the China flange, and the edge will become thinner with the service time and the action of corrosive medium. It is difficult for the conventional coating system to effectively cover the edge. Although the thicker coating can solve the problem of edge protection, it seals the fasteners and cannot be removed in future maintenance. Therefore, pay attention to the selection of paint to prevent flange corrosion.

II. Solutions for adhesive tape or semi-solid anti-corrosion tape

Protect the flange from corrosion by wrapping it on the surface of the substrate with adhesive tape or semi-solid anti-corrosion tape (such as binding tape of wax or elastic polymer). Because semi-solid polymers have good water resistance, this protection method can provide reliable corrosion protection. However, if the flange shape is complex, the material is not only time-consuming, but also difficult to construct.

III. mechanical solutions

Mainly seal the flange and flange gap through protective cover and fixture. It is usually made of stainless steel or plastic and is equipped with rubber sealing strips. This method of protection is to store covers or clamps that fully match flanges of various sizes.

IV. Hot melt plastic solutions

Hot melt adhesive is essentially a waxy fusible polymer heated at high temperature and sprayed on the surface of substrate through special hot melt equipment. The advantage of this protection method is that it can be remelted and reused, thus saving the cost. Although this method can be reused, it also requires thermal work, special equipment and construction services. Although it can be reused, it is not easy to open and seal during maintenance.

V.Flange corrosion inhibitor

Flange anticorrosive agent is a kind of anticorrosive material with high plasticity and adhesion. It has the characteristics of hardening resistance and maintaining high plasticity. It is applicable to uneven, dirty and difficult to reach equipment surfaces. It can be applied in any climatic environment. It can protect the gaskets, flange surfaces and bolts between flanges. It has excellent corrosion resistance, strong weather resistance and anti-aging ability, and can prevent the invasion of moisture and oxygen, Protect the flange from corrosion and will not flow due to gravity even on vertical or inclined surfaces.

VI. solution of polymer sealing bag

The sealing bag can completely cover the flange. It is composed of low permeability polymer, corrosion inhibitor, steam and desiccant, which is easy to install. However, the end of the bag is only sealed with tape, not an effective mechanical combination for a long time. There is a large area of steam space in the bag, which tends to accumulate a large amount of water and consume corrosion inhibitors over a period of time.

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