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Anti corrosion method of pipeline flange

I. paint maintenance solutionsMaintenance paint is a hard film that can be directly bonded to the substrate, generally epoxy or polyurethane coatings. There are many edges and edges in the China flange, and the edge will become thinner with the service time and the action of corrosive medium. It is

Maintenance method of stainless steel flange

A lot of people should know about stainless steel flange, but in fact it is only an integral part. At the junction of a pipeline, use it to connect two components. These parts are very simple and easy to understand. We should learn how to maintain these components. First of all, in fact, the welding

Specific classification of flanges

A. Flange types are divided according to national standards: integral flange, threaded flange, butt welding flange, flat welding flange with neck, socket welding flange with neck, butt welding ring with neck loose flange, plate flat welding flange, flat welding ring plate loose flange, flat welding

Some problems caused by flange connection

With the rapid development of social economy, industrial leakage has been perplexing many industrial managers. Industrial leakage is due to problems in the pipeline system, and the vast majority of pipeline system problems are due to problems in an important part of the pipeline system – flange. Fla

Langfang Dingyang Flange & Pipe Fitting Co.,Ltd wishes you Qingming Festival Ankang

Qingming Festival, also known as the outing Festival, Xingqing Festival, March Festival and ancestor worship Festival, is held at the intersection of mid spring and late spring. Qingming Festival originated from the ancient ancestor belief and spring festival rituals and customs. It has both natural

Introduction of flexible sealed waterproof casing

1. When the upstream surface is corrosive medium, the gap can be sealed with sealing materials. See the atlas of waterproof casing for the method; Installation drawing of flexible waterproof casing (type A).2. flexible waterproof casing material: Bituminous hemp, polystyrene board, PVC foam board.3.

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