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Basic forming process of carbon steel elbow

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The basic process of carbon steel elbow forming is: first, weld a polygonal ring shell or a polygonal fan-shaped shell with both ends closed. After the internal pressure is filled with pressure medium, the cross-section gradually changes from polygon to circle and finally becomes a circular ring shell. Other names: 90 ° elbow, right angle bend, Aier bend, white steel elbow, etc. Large carbon steel flange should be used according to certain conditions and environment in use.

According to the use characteristics and advantages of carbon steel flange, it can play an important role and value in the use and construction. If it is not used well, the flange plate produced by the flange manufacturer will be broken easily. In this way, the products produced by Yanshan are gradually recognized by the national market. In pipeline engineering, flat welding flange is mainly used for the connection of pipeline. Due to the need of pressure bearing capacity, high-pressure flange is mostly butt welded flange, which has the characteristics of not easy deformation and good sealing, wide application range and so on. This kind of flange has a relatively complex trumpet structure. Under the corresponding requirements of rigidity and elasticity, the reasonable butt welding thinning transition and the weld joint are far away from the joint surface are its major characteristics.

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