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Existing value and advantage of carbon steel flange

Existing value of carbon steel flange:First, if a section of pipe fittings connected by carbon steel flange is damaged, it is convenient to replace the pipe fittings. In this way, it is unnecessary to replace the whole pipe system;Second, the use of carbon steel flange pipe fittings, in the repair a

Langfang Dingyang Flange & Pipe Fitting Co.,Ltd wishes you a happy New Year’s Day

New year's day, that is, January 1 of the Gregorian calendar, is commonly known as the "new year" in most countries in the world. Yuan is called "beginning", and the beginning of every number is called "Yuan"; Dan is called "day"; "New Year's Day" means "initial day"."New Year's Day" usually refers

Basic forming process of carbon steel elbow

The basic process of carbon steel elbow forming is: first, weld a polygonal ring shell or a polygonal fan-shaped shell with both ends closed. After the internal pressure is filled with pressure medium, the cross-section gradually changes from polygon to circle and finally becomes a circular ring she

Technological measures for Carbon steel butt welded fitting

Because the Carbon steel butt welded fitting is easy to produce cold crack, hot crack and other defects during welding, it is necessary to take some special process measures to weld normally.1. Welding methodAll kinds of arc welding methods can be used to weld medium carbon steel. Because medium car

Future Development and Application of Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings Use of value and range pipe fittings the welding of dissimilar metals can save precious metal and make the product function better. For example, the work of the tool parts (high-speed steel) and tail (medium carbon) of the butt welding, internal combustion engine exhaust valve head (he

Experience Identification Technology of Pipe Fittings

Experience identification technology of pipe fittingsCentripetal ball fitting the normal centripetal ball fitting, the inner and outer ring raceway shall be without spalling and serious grinding marks, and a bright arc groove shall be maintained; All balls should be rounded, without spots, cracks an

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