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Basic shape of stainless steel flange

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Flange is also called flange or flange. Flange is to make the pipe and pipe connected parts, connected to the end of the pipe. There are holes on the flange, and bolts make the two flanges tightly connected. The flange is sealed with gasket. The flange is divided into threaded connection (threaded connection) flange and welding flange.

The basic shape of the stainless steel flange is the same as that of the flat welding flange with neck, that is, there is a socket on the inner hole of the flange, the pipe is inserted into the socket for welding, and a circle of weld is welded on the back of the flange. Because there is a gap between the socket stainless steel flange and the groove, it is easy to produce corrosion. If another weld is welded inside, this kind of corrosion can be avoided. The fatigue strength of the socket flange welded on both sides is 5% higher than that of the welded flat welding flange, but the static strength is the same. The inner diameter of the socket flange should be consistent with the inner diameter of the pipe. The socket flange is only suitable for the pipe with nominal diameter less than 150. Socket stainless steel flange commonly used materials include: 201 304 316 304L 316.

It is forged from stainless steel flange with welding thread. It can also be formed by thread connection or welding. It is composed of a pair of threaded flange, a gasket and several bolts and nuts. The gasket is placed between the two flange sealing surfaces. After the nut is tightened, the specific pressure on the gasket surface reaches a certain value, and the deformation occurs, and the uneven parts on the sealing surface are filled, so that the connection is tight. Some pipe fittings and equipment have their own flange, which also belongs to flange connection. Flange connection is an important way of pipeline construction.

Threaded stainless steel flange connection is easy to use, and can withstand large pressure. Flange connection is widely used in industrial pipeline. Generally speaking, the function of welded socket stainless steel flange is to fix and seal the joint of pipe fittings. The stainless steel threaded flange is used to connect the pipeline and keep the pipeline sealing performance, which is convenient for the replacement of a certain section of pipeline, for the disassembly and inspection of the pipeline, and for the sealing of a certain section of pipeline

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