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What is the difference between flange and blind flange

As we all know, pipes are usually connected by some kind of pipe fitting, which we call “flange”. However, in real life, many of us don’t know about flange and blind flange, and there are often mixed situations. Therefore, the small series specially sorted out the differences between flange and blin

Basic shape of stainless steel flange

Flange is also called flange or flange. Flange is to make the pipe and pipe connected parts, connected to the end of the pipe. There are holes on the flange, and bolts make the two flanges tightly connected. The flange is sealed with gasket. The flange is divided into threaded connection (threaded c

What is the reason of low hardness of stainless steel flange

(1) Stainless steel flange materials with low hardness and good resistance, such as low carbon steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, have low hardness and good resistance. It is difficult to break chips during cutting, and it is easy to generate chip accretion, which affects the surface quality

What should be paid attention to when using stainless steel flange

Stainless steel flange is also called flange or flange. The flange is the part that makes the pipe and the pipe connect with each other, and is connected to the pipe end. There are holes in the flange, and the bolts make the two flanges tightly connected. The stainless steel flange connection is eas

Understand the precautions of stainless steel flange when welding

What should be paid attention to when welding stainless steel flange? Let’s take a look. Stainless steel flange is a kind of disk-shaped part, which is the most common in pipeline engineering. Stainless steel flange is used in pairs. In pipeline engineering, stainless steel flange is mainly used for

How to Calculate the Weight of Stainless Steel Flange?

Usually domestic, we use stainless steel flange, it is the common lathe to produce the flange, there will be some positive and negative error. Therefore, people are called theoretical weight, at present, the domestic general use of theoretical weight as the flange standard. In addition, we can also

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