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Brief introduction of high neck flange

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Neck flange, also known as long neck flange and neck flange, is a disc-shaped part, which is mainly used to realize the connection between pipelines. It has been widely used in petrochemical, urban water supply and power system. In recent years, with the planning and construction of UHV transmission line project of State Grid, the demand for UHV steel pipe tower has increased sharply.

High neck flange as a new form of flange connection of steel pipe tower has been proved to be advanced and reliable. It plays a vital role in improving the production capacity and product quality of steel pipe tower.

Welding method:

There are two main methods for the early circumferential welding of UHP high neck butt welding flange and steel pipe: manual gas shielded welding and full-automatic swing gas shielded welding.

Based on the above two welding methods, the manufacturer of individual ultra-high pressure steel pipe tower independently developed a special internal and external submerged arc welding machine to realize the circumferential welding of high neck butt welding flange and steel pipe according to the characteristics of the welding process. This process uses submerged arc welding to conduct double-sided penetration welding of the workpiece, and there is no need for back gouging during the welding process, so as to maximize the welding efficiency on the premise of ensuring the welding quality.

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