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Carbon Steel Flange Seal Is Through The Pretension Force of Bolts

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The carbon steel flange seal is through the pretension force of the bolts, causes the gasket and the flange seal surface to produce the sufficient pressure, the gasket surface produces the distortion enough to fill the flange seal surface the microscopic irregularity, achieves the goal which does not leak. Through tempering, the metallographic microstructure tends to stabilize, so as to ensure that the deformation will no longer occur in the future use. Good thermal insulation: Due to low thermal conductivity of materials, 20 degrees Celsius thermal conductivity of 0.21-0.24/, than steel pipe (43-52/), Purple Pipe (333/) is much smaller, so-tube heat preservation. In order to achieve the stainless steel flange color whitening treatment. Simple judgment, the general non-magnetic stainless steel is better than the magnetic stainless steel corrosion resistance. Therefore, when the material is usually raised, the wall thickness should be added some allowance.

The production and production of welding flange with certain technical parameters and requirements to produce and use, to ensure that in accordance with certain methods and principles of use and promotion, the use of a certain process and principle of production and welding, strict guarantee the good quality of use.

Carbon steel flanges in the actual production and development of the use of different methods and processes to produce and production, according to the process mode and principle, it has important value and function to different aspects, and adding certain elements in actual production to increase the characteristics and value of carbon steel flange, and display good use characteristics and value. Again the use of pressure machine will be large flange blank flattening, and through the lathe processing watermark, chamfering and so on, and finally the use of a separate plate with the drilling machine to drill holes in the bolt hole processing. Ultrasonic flaw detection is much simpler than photo photography, so it is widely used. The pouring speed is adjusted according to the steel condition to prevent the time from being emptied. It is expected that in the current background, the “contraband” cargo volume, such as flange film will continue to decline, rail freight volume decline in the short term is difficult to change, but the speed will be slowed.

The type of tee can be divided according to the material, different materials affect the price of tee, the same size of carbon steel and alloy steel material price is not the same, there are stainless steel, cast steel.

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