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Explanation of Knowledge of Carbon Steel Elbow Processing

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Carbon steel elbow is a kind of elbow that can improve the temperature of warmth, which is often used in people’s daily life, which has been widely accepted and used. Carbon steel elbow universal use and construction, in the laying of the decoration and piping, it is very good to ensure the normal and unobstructed piping. Although the carbon steel elbow has been widely used, but its composition, carbon steel principle and other advantages, many people are not very clear, the following describes the composition and advantages of carbon steel elbow, Let everyone have a better understanding of the carbon steel elbow. The composition of carbon steel elbow is relatively simple, and its composition is relatively simple, can make people easy to understand and imagine. Carbon steel elbow is a kind of elbow of conveying medium, the high-density polyethylene outer casing and the elbow and the outer casing are filled with the polyurethane hard foamed carbon steel layer, which is a kind of high density polyethylene outer tube polyurethane foamed plastics prefabricated straight buried carbon steel elbow. Simply remove the rust-proof elbow in the polyethylene casing, Polyurethane foam in the middle, so that full fill the gap between the elbow and polyethylene casing, the final elbow, casing, carbon steel layer to form a solid overall, to achieve the effect of anti-corrosion carbon steel, carbon steel elbow is formed.

Most of the carbon steel elbow processing is through the pressure processing, so that the machined carbon steel elbow plastic deformation. According to the elbow processing temperature is different, divided into cold and hot processing two kinds. The main processing methods of carbon steel elbow are: semi-continuous rolling mill: including 1-rack furnace rolling mill and 5-rack finisher. On semi-continuous rolling mills, the hot rolling of the pipe fittings at the finishing track is essentially constant from one end of the pipe to the other end. The time between the times in the finisher is usually less than 3s. The process characteristic of the tube is the center segregation of the continuous casting thin slab, eliminating the center segregation of continuous casting thin slab is the key technical problem to further improve the quality of stainless steel stamping elbow pipe.

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