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How are rubber joints stored and transported

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Marking, packaging, transportation and storage

1) Signs

The rubber joints shall at least have the following permanent marks: manufacturer name, product name, product specification, model and working pressure.

2) Packaging

Packaging shall be carried out according to the agreement between the supplier and the buyer. A valid product certificate shall be attached to the package, including product name, product mark, production date, manufacturer name, address, trademark and executive standard number.

3) Transportation and storage

During storage and transportation, the product shall be protected from direct sunlight, rain and snow, sharp scratch, and contact with acid, alkali, oil and various organic solvents. The storage place of the product shall be more than 1m away from the heat source and the environment shall be 15 ℃ - 40 ℃. The quality and performance of rubber joints shall meet the requirements of this standard within one-year storage period from the production date.

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