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Maintenance method of stainless steel flange

A lot of people should know about stainless steel flange, but in fact it is only an integral part. At the junction of a pipeline, use it to connect two components. These parts are very simple and easy to understand. We should learn how to maintain these components. First of all, in fact, the welding

Large flanges have relatively large load bearing capacity and are not easily deformed in engineering

Generally, large flanges have relatively large load bearing capacity and are not easily deformed in engineering. The key problem is thickness. The inside and outside diameters of large flanges are not a problem, but the thickness of flanges is the most difficult to process. Large flanges are easy to

Flange sealing surface is the standard to identify the quality of flange

Flange is a part of shaft to shaft connection, which is used for the connection between pipe ends; it is also used for the connection between two equipment, such as reducer flange. In general, flange is used together with gasket and bolt. However, in the actual use process, the flange itself problem

What are the applications of flanges in different fields?

Flanges are used in different places and building materials and play different roles and values in different fields. They can help users play an important role and value. Flange manufacturer has different hardness and strength in use and production. Guarantee can probably play a tense role and cost

How are rubber joints stored and transported

Marking, packaging, transportation and storage1) SignsThe rubber joints shall at least have the following permanent marks: manufacturer name, product name, product specification, model and working pressure.2) PackagingPackaging shall be carried out according to the agreement between the supplier and

Installation instructions for rubber joints

1. It is forbidden to install the rubber flexible joint beyond the displacement limit.2. When installing rubber joints on flat ground, in the air and vertically, the actual working axial displacement pressure of the rubber joints shall be less than the supporting force of the pipeline, otherwise ant

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