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How to deal with the rust of stainless steel flange?

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The function of the flange is to fix and seal the connection of the pipe fittings. Due to its ability to withstand high pressure and the characteristics of stainless steel, stainless steel flanges are loved by people in the industry, so they are widely used.

So, what to do if the stainless steel flange is rusted?

1. Clean with emery cloth and wire brush.
2. Use a tungsten steel shovel to remove large areas of rust.
3. Use a file to remove protrusions such as welding slag and various burrs.
4. Use a scraper and a wire brush to remove the rust at the corners.
5. Clean with a clean rag, or apply primer in time with a rag dipped in solvent.
6. Pay attention to the tough coating that has not yet failed, which can be retained. Use emery cloth to roughen the surface of the old paint, sand the coating defects into an ax shape, and paint directly after cleaning.

Stainless steel flange

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