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How To Ensure Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flange Material?

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When talking about stainless steel weld neck flange How to ensure the material, in accordance with most of the carbon steel flange manufacturers for many years of production experience, below to help you analyze the stainless steel welding flange should be how to ensure the material.

The weld neck flange has been applied to the installation of high-pressure piping, so in the installation of the welding flange quality requirements are very strict, the quality of products directly affect the day-to-day application of a slight flaw in the quality of products may lead to greater economic consequences and risks in the future, so the quality of welding flange must be a special test after qualified to install. The quality of welding flange in the production management has a great relationship, the scientific production management directly affects the quality of stainless steel welding flange and production efficiency.

After many years of practice, Langfang Ding Yang flange pipe fitting Co., Ltd gradually found a set of management methods, this model has gradually been used in the day-to-day production. First of all, from the material selection, the materials to be forged in chemical testing, forging links are also one by one record, the lathe machining links produced by the stainless steel pins alone put, so as not to mix with carbon steel flange pegs. Every a links will not be relaxed, so the stainless steel flange material can be controlled.

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