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Introduction of Blind Flanges

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The blind flange is also called the 8-word blind plate, as its name implies, its shape is like 8 words, it is a blind plate at one end, the other end is a combination of throttle ring, in the transport of fluid, the use of throttle ring, cut off when the use of blind plate, a bit like the role of shut-off valve, it can be used in valve leakage to cut off, its sealing performance is better. For systems that require complete isolation, they are generally chosen as reliable means of isolation. 8-word Blind board should have 2 cut-off valves, all in the closed state, the replacement of 8 words blind plate state. Common heat exchanger casting and standby, reactor dosing and standby, nitrogen pipelines and process pipeline connections and so on. Another feature is the obvious identification, easy to identify its installation status.

The main role of the blind plate is completely cut off, like a performance 100% reliable, will not be mistaken operation of the role of the gate valve.

General Purpose:

1. System-Class media pipelines, such as steam purge pipes and oil-like process medium pipelines play a sound role in isolation, at this time, the 8-word blind plate should be installed near the system media pipeline side. Of course, in order to 8-word blind plate on-line demolition, near the process of the medium pipeline should be cut off the gate, such a 8-word blind board is usually marked as regular.

2. In and out of the device flammable or toxic medium piping should be installed double gate valve, in the double gate See installation 8 words Blind board, such 8 words Blind Board general sign is often open.

3. The installation of internal driving will be used, after normal driving no longer through the medium of the pipeline should be installed gate valve, 8-word blind plate installed in the normal flow of five media pipeline side, 8-character blind board general signs for the regular.

Choose 8 words Blind plate should pay attention to and clamp its flange match, the clamping bolt length should according to blind plate thickness suitably lengthened.

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