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What is a flange gasket

Flange gasket is a kind of ring made of materials that can produce plastic deformation and have certain strength. It is resistant to high temperature, high pressure and corrosion, and has good compression rate and rebound rate. Most gaskets are cut from non-metallic plates, or asbestos rubber plates


Anchor flange is a kind of engineering component. In places with low pressure, short pipes with thrust rings can be used instead, or called through wall sleeves. For the connection of fixed pipes that are required to be buried underground or not maintained for life, and when the pressure is required

Problems of Carbon steel butt welded fitting

Medium carbon steel refers to carbon steel with carbon content of 0.25% – 0.60%, including 30, 35, 45, 50, 55 in high-quality carbon structure and zg230-450, zg270-500, ZG310-570 and zg340-640 in cast carbon steel. Because the carbon content of medium carbon steel is higher than that of low carbon s

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When you see "May Day"What's the first thing you think of?To be on holiday? Travel?Compared with the Mid Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other festivalsLike May Day is just a holiday?At least we will think of the Mid Autumn Festival and Spring FestivalReunion, festivity, firecrackers, fireworks

Flange Rubber Soft Joint Connection

Rubber joints generally use two types of flanges: cast flanges and forged flanges. According to the connection mode, rubber joints are divided into three types: loose flange type, fixed flange type and threaded type. When choosing a matching flange for rubber soft joints, first choose the size of th

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