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What is a flange gasket

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Flange gasket is a kind of ring made of materials that can produce plastic deformation and have certain strength. It is resistant to high temperature, high pressure and corrosion, and has good compression rate and rebound rate. Most gaskets are cut from non-metallic plates, or asbestos rubber plates, asbestos plates, PTFE plates and polyethylene plates produced by professional manufacturers according to the size requirements; It can also be used for wrapping asbestos and other non-metallic materials into metal packaging gaskets on thin metal plates (white metal, stainless steel); There are thin steel tape and asbestos tape wound gaskets.

The most commonly used is the spiral wound gasket made of stainless steel tape and graphite. Asbestos can also be used for the winding tape according to the different use environment. The temperature of ordinary rubber gasket is lower than 120 ℃; When the water vapor temperature of asbestos rubber gasket is less than 450 ℃, the oil temperature is less than 350 ℃ and the pressure is less than 5MPa, the most commonly used acid resistant asbestos plate for general corrosive media. In high-pressure equipment and pipelines, other types of metals or gaskets made of copper, aluminum, 10 steel and stainless steel lenses are used.

The contact width between high-pressure gasket and sealing surface is very narrow (line contact), and the processing of sealing surface and gasket is completed with high quality. Welding flanges are used for low-voltage small-diameter wire flanges and high-voltage and low-voltage large-diameter wires. The flange pressure and the diameter and quantity of connecting bolts are different. It is often used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, papermaking, pharmacy and other joints of pipelines, valves, pumps, Manholes, pressure vessels and heat sealing equipment.

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