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Connection mode of international flange

International flanges are generally used for connection, so they are often connected with some pipes. But some people don't know much about its way. In fact, the national standard flange connection is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment on a flange first, and add flange pads between the two

Large flanges have relatively large load bearing capacity and are not easily deformed in engineering

Generally, large flanges have relatively large load bearing capacity and are not easily deformed in engineering. The key problem is thickness. The inside and outside diameters of large flanges are not a problem, but the thickness of flanges is the most difficult to process. Large flanges are easy to

What should be paid attention to in daily use of carbon steel flange

First of all, we should not put the carbon steel flange in the wet place, because the carbon steel and water will rust for a long time, the surface will change, and the mechanical properties will also be changed accordingly, which brings trouble to our use, so we should try our best to avoid, and th

Langfang Dingyang Flange & Pipe Fitting Co.,Ltd wishes you a happy International Women's Day!

International working women's day, fully known as "UN women's rights and international peace day", also known as "March 8" women's day in China, is a festival established by the United Nations on March 8, 1975 to celebrate the important contributions and great achievements made by women in the econo

Development history of HDPE PIPE

A revolutionary progress has taken place in the field of pipeline in this century, namely "replacing steel with plastic". With the rapid progress of polymer materials science and technology, the deepening of the development and utilization of plastic pipes and the continuous improvement of productio

Flanges Must Be Checked Regularly

Stainless steel flange itself is to link two pipes or some pipes effectively, fix them on a flange plate first, and then, with the relevant cushion, bolt tightly together, so that the effective connection can be completed, there are some stainless steel flanges, usually it is. They are a kind of dis

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