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Precautions for installing rubber joint 1

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1. When the flexible rubber joint is installed in the pipeline, it must be in a natural state, and the product shall not be deformed artificially.

When the pipeline medium is acid-base resistant, oil resistant, high temperature resistant and other special materials, the joint one gear higher than the working pressure of the pipeline shall be selected.

2. The flange connecting rubber joint shall be valve flange or flange conforming to GB / t9115.1 (RF).

3. The normal applicable medium of flexible rubber joint is ordinary water with temperature of 0-60 ° C. under the condition of special medium such as oil, acid and alkali, high temperature and other corrosive and hard texture, the rubber joint of corresponding special resistant material shall be selected, and it is not allowed to be used in series or in general blindly.

4. When the flexible rubber joint is used at the inlet and outlet of the water pump, it shall be located on one side of the water spring. A metal reducing joint shall be installed between the flexible rubber joint and the water spring, and shall be installed at the source of the large diameter of the reducing.

5. When the displacement of the pipeline is greater than or equal to the maximum compensation of the joint, the number of joints shall be increased to parallel the displacement. It is strictly prohibited to adjust the out of tolerance of the pipeline so that the joint is in the limit deflection displacement and deviation state, and not to exceed the limit (expansion, displacement, deflection, etc.). See the following table for the specific installation data.

6. For high-rise water supply or suspended water supply, the pipeline shall be fixed on the hanger, bracket or anchor frame, and the joint shall not bear the weight and axial force of the pipeline, otherwise the joint shall be equipped with anti pull off device (its bearing force must be greater than the axial force of the pipeline).

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